Actionable Research + Evaluation (ARE) is a woman-owned small business that specializes in evaluation of school and community-based prevention, education, health promotion, and social service programs.  Our experienced and highly skilled team provides methodological and substantive expertise that positions our clients to apply a wide range of cutting-edge evaluation approaches and analytic methods to answer real world questions.  Our specific focus areas include:

  • Sexual, mental and physical health

  • School food and wellness

  • Leadership and youth development

  • Community-wide prevention and health promotion initiatives

  • Early childhood education


Ms. Holly Carmichael Djang is a Principal Evaluator at ARE.  Ms. Carmichael Djang has over sixteen years of experience designing and leading research and evaluation projects for nonprofits, school districts, government agencies, and universities.  Her work has centered on exploring federal- and locally-funded programs designed specifically to aid vulnerable and low-income populations.  She has a Master's degree in Family Research from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from George Mason University.  Prior to ARE, Ms. Carmichael Djang led the research and evaluation department of a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization, and worked at a ThinkTank in Washington DC.  Her work spans the public health, public education, and family dynamics arenas.  She is particularly drawn to work that lies at the intersection of these fields.



ARE collaborates with organizations and independent consultants on an as-needed basis in order to best meet the needs of clients.